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Multicultural Bridge Series – Love in Action: Navigating Social Issues with our Children

This three-part series of workshops and community discussions on issues of diversity, within our school community, will be facilitated by Multicultural Bridge, an esteemed local organization dedicated to advancing equity and justice by promoting cultural competence, positive psychology, and mutual understanding and acceptance.  Since the start of the school year Multicultural Bridge has started to work with our high school students and a number of faculty and fellow parents to begin this important work and we look forward to continuing to open up dialogue within the larger parent community on these important issues.

The topics and themes for these presentations arise from the work that Multicultural Bridge did with high school students, and the faculty, and parents who participated in the fall workshop entitled, Navigating Cultural and Social Issues in our Communities.

The dates and topics of the talks are as follows:

Friday, March 1 – Love in Action: Navigating Social Issues with our Children

Friday, March 29th – Important Conversations about Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Friday, May 3rd – What does it Mean to be Colorbrave?

All talks will be held in the Hawthorne Valley Music Room from 7:00 to 9:30 pm.

Multicultural BRIDGE brings a unique approach of cultural humility to the work they facilitate. These presentations will focus on supporting participants to explore the above themes, as individuals and as a community, so we can identify and navigate the cultural and social challenges and strengths that inevitably exist within all communities.

These presentations will be an opportunity for us to learn, explore and ask questions, and work alongside diversity leaders, positive educators, and cultural competence coaches. We warmly invite you to attend, participate and help to continue to co-create of a vibrant, diverse and compassionate school community.