Joining Forces to Support Hudson Valley Farmers

The Hudson Valley is a premier place for farmers and sustainable agriculture professionals to learn their trade. We are lucky that over the last decade, many organizations have built programming to support the professional development of a new generation of farmers. In fact, no fewer than 10 nonprofits from NYC to Albany have some type of programming that aims to train farmers.

Even though we organizations share a common goal, sometimes we duplicate each others’ work, instead of build on it. Or sometimes we lack the resources or the mandate to ask the really big questions; instead staying focused on what we know we can accomplish on our own. And too often we simply stay siloed, which keeps us from the more creative ideas, equitable solutions and lasting results that would come from collaboration.

But true collaboration is hard: it takes time, resources and commitment. In recognition of that, several of the organizations that train farmers in the Hudson Valley are launching a project to build a Hudson Valley Farmer Training Collaborative (“HVFTC” or the “Collaborative”) so that the organizations who train farmers in the Hudson Valley can: